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Color Samples

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Have you ever wondered how vinyl wall decals will look with your specific wall texture and color decor? 
Well, wonder no more. Here are answers to these two questions: 

How do I know which vinyl color will be exactly what I am looking for? 
We do the best we can to show you the true color of the vinyl. 
The color choice options that we display are matched to the distributors catalog colors. However, there may be a variation of how the exact color looks on your computer monitor due to your monitor settings or other factors. 
To ensure that you are getting what you want, you can see the exact color by this easy and inexpensive way. 

Can vinyl wall decals be applied to textured walls or a bumpy wall? 
Our vinyl wall decal stickers apply well to most smooth surfaces and walls including those with light texture. 
Walls with high texture, bumps, or uneven surfaces may not work as well. 
Order a sample to test on your textured wall or uneven wall surface. 

What's next? Simply choose your sample color! 
We try to make it as easy as possible to personalize any of our vinyl wall art decals to fit your room color and decor. 

All of our vinyl decals and are available in any of our matte finish colors:
white, black, charcoal gray, soot, butter cream, baby pink, bubble gum, deep pink, chocolate brown, wood, sand light brown, lilac, grape purple, tangerine orange, sunny yellow, red, deep red, mint, baby blue, ocean blue, blueberry, navy blue, turquoise, celadon, leafy green, field green, forest green, and olive.
Other available options are metallic silver, metallic gold, and silver etched glass.