These Vinyl Wall Decals are easy to set in place and are easily removed when it is time for a change.
Instructions are included with your order.

How soon should I expect my order?
Your order is custom made for you and will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) within 1 to 7 business days after your order is placed.
See our shipping FAQ for rates and times.

Do you ship internationally?
See our shipping FAQ for rates.

How can I tell if the color is exactly what I am looking for?
Color options are copied directly from the distributors catalog for best matching. However, colors may vary a little depending on your computer monitor settings and other factors.
To ensure exact color matching,

Can vinyl wall art decals be applied to textured walls or bumpy walls?
Our Vinyl Wall Art Decals apply well to most walls including those with light texture. Walls or other surfaces with very high texture or bumps may not work as well.

Can I apply my vinyl decal outside or on my car window?
Matte finish vinyl is designed primarily for indoor use. The matte material can be applied outdoors, but may not last as long as the glossy or etched glass material options. If you are intending your decal for outdoor use, it is recommended to order in the glossy white or etched glass material.

How do I apply and remove my wall art?
Instructions will be included with your order.
Our vinyl wall art decals are made from high quality vinyl and are easy to apply, and can easily be removed when it is time for a change. To see an instructional video on how to apply your decal click

Will the vinyl art damage the paint or wall during application or removal?
The professional material that is used for Lewa's Designs Wall Art is approved as interior safe, and is designed for easy application and removal. Decals peel off of walls easily, typically without damaging the paint. However, different paint finishes or walls condition could require touch-ups after decal is removed. Apply at your own risk. Lewa's Designs shall not be held liable in the rare event that any damage is caused during application or removal.

Can the designs that I see on this website be customized?
If you need a different size requirement for any of our existing designs or if you have a new design idea that you would like created, Contact Us for help with a custom order quote. We will be happily work with you to create just what you are looking for.

Can I send in my own phrase, design ideas or logo to be made into a customized or personalized vinyl decal?
We can customize a quote, poem, phrase, logo or anything else you have in mind into your own personalized vinyl decal. Just Contact Us for more FAQrmation and to get started on your ideas. Be sure to include the measurements you are looking for, font style (if applicable) or attach your logo.

Do you have a return policy?

     How to Apply Vinyl Wall Decals


Step 1: Wash and dry the surface that the decal will be placed on. This will help make the decal easier to place.
Step 2: Firmly go over the entire surface of the transfer tape with your hand or a credit card to ensure that the vinyl decal has been firmly pressed against the transfer tape. Cut any individually placed portions apart.
Step 3: Line up the decal on the wall and secure it with masking tape. You may want to use a measuring tape and level to ensure it is exactly where you want it. Vinyl decals cannot be repositioned once in place.
Step 4: Tape the decal across the center making sure it is snug against the wall.(For smaller decals it is not necessary to place them in two steps).
Step 5: Separate the transfer tape from the paper backing on the top edge of the decal and carefully peel away the paper backing half way (until the tape that you secured across the center). Go slow, making sure that the decal is adhering to the transfer tape side. If the vinyl is stuck to the paper, smooth the paper backing onto the transfer tape firmly until it sticks and try again.
Step 6: Once the paper backing and the transfer tape have been separated down to the masking taped center cut away the paper backing from the top half. Be very careful to keep the tape away from the wall or your clothing. The tape is very sticky and can be difficult to fix if it sticks to the wrong spot.
Step 7: Begin at the halfway mark of the decal (right where you secured the image in place with tape across the middle) and slowly move upwards pressing the decal firmly against the wall with either your hand or a credit card. It is generally a good idea to work from the middle out. The top half of the decal is now in place. It is important to apply firm, smooth pressure so that you do not get air bubbles.
Step 8: Carefully peel the paper backing from the bottom half making sure that the entire decal is on the clear transfer tape. Again, be careful not to let any of the tape stick to you or the wall before you are ready.
Step 9: Now, slowly press the bottom half of the decal firmly against the wall with either your hand or a credit card going slowly to ensure there are no air bubbles.
Step 10: Wait 30 minutes to an hour to allow decal to set. This makes peeling the tape back much easier. Begin at a corner peeling back the transfer tape by pulling slowly and carefully at a 180 degree angle to the vinyl. Go slow making sure that all of the vinyl is now attached to the wall and not sticking to the tape. If the vinyl is still stuck to the tape, press it back onto the wall and reapply pressure with either your fingers or a credit card again.
     How to remove your vinyl wall decals:

     Simply peel the vinyl off slowly.
     If it does not come off easily, warm it with a hair-dryer on low until it loosens up and peel.